Adaptive3D’s Flexible Materials Used for Additive Manufacturing

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Adaptive3D has developed a unique product family in the 3D printing industry that solves many of difficulties that come along with the Additive Manufacturing process. Adaptive3D focuses on creating materials used for Additive Manufacturing that:

  • Are Flexible & Tough
  • Are Strain-Tolerant (150%-450%)
  • Have a Broad Range of Durometer (Shore A 20-90)
  • Are a One-Part System
  • Allow Rapid Post-Processing

    The ToughRubber Family is a class of one-part, one-pot, rapid-curing photopolymer resins with high-throughput print speeds. Whether looking to create functional prototypes or even end-user products, these resins will result in the print you need.

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Elastic ToughRubber™ 90 is the newest addition to the ToughRubber family and is set apart by its unique characteristics:

  • High tear strength, resilience (elasticity), strain, and tensile strength
  • Faster part production time
  • One-part, one-pot polymer system

With use cases that include everything from hinging mechanisms and lattices to end-user products, Elastic ToughRubber™ 90 is one of the most adaptable materials used for Additive Manufacturing available.

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Designed for functional prototypes of audio ear buds, wearable electronics, and anatomical medical models, Soft ToughRubber™ (STR) delivers silicone feel and mechanical properties with the resolution and surface finish that DLP® printing provides.

With Adaptive3D’s materials, you can create stronger, tougher, and more strainable parts that have high accuracy, isotropic properties, and great printability. Soft ToughRubber™ is an innovative material that can be an asset to the development of your Additive Manufacturing capabilities.

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Elastic ToughRubber™ 70 is flexible and has excellent elongation to break performance snapping back to shape each time. Perfect for shoe midsoles and heel cups, seals, door boots, bellows, foam-like lattice structures and impact parts.

Elastic ToughRubber™ 70 has the following properties that make it best-in-class:

  • Shore A 70
  • Elongation to Break 400%
  • Strong rubber-like AM material
  • Feels and performs like rubber

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